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Sites Listing Vehicles Maximum Towing Weights

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Sites Listing Vehicles Maximum Towing Weights

Post by Tow Itch on Mon 21 May 2012, 8:32 pm

I'm normally pretty good at dragging up facts and figures, so don't know if I'm having a bad night or the listings are that awful.
James McQ was referring to his Renault Grand Scenic so I thought I'd look up some figures and also check on my own vehicles limits as I've just changed my tow car.
Now I know I've always cautioned people to look up the details for the vehicle they are interested in and not rely on a general site. My reasoning being that general sites are good for an overview but often get specific details wrong.
The sites I've found tonight were truly horrendous though. Vehicle specific sites that didn't cover the different models in a range or just failed to give the maximum gross train weight or the maximum noseweight. General sites that went off a vehicles kerbweight and the 85% rule (Yes I know it's not a rule) not the plated weights.
I think part of this is because of the way Google now rates sites. If you have a work of authority that no one ever challenges or adds comment to it comes lower in Google's listings.
With the proviso that you never trust them completely does anyone have links to the better guides to tow weights?
Just realised how to get the noseweight figures I wanted. Whitter's towbar site.

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