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Sun Canopy. Function Over Form.

Tow Itch
Tow Itch
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Sun Canopy. Function Over Form.

Post by Tow Itch on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 12:06 am

Sun Canopy?

Well I guessed that We'd need a canopy for the August BH weekend but sun didn't come into the reckoning.

We knocked up a tarp (yes TARP) for our trip to Dent in June. It allowed us to barbecue and sit out. It even added to the entertainment as it would undulate as the wind got underneath it and at one point it discharged about 2 gallons of water down the back of a mates neck.

Suddenly afterwards I thought about the old awning I was trying to give away. Why was I looking to get rid of it? Why not utilise as an add on canopy.

The original frame formed the basis but loads of old poles from my former trailer tent were cut and substituted to add length and width. I've got the width up to 13' something to mate with the awning. Not having measured we think the depth from canopy end to awning is about 9'. I did have poles to go further but reckon that there would be a good chance of collapse in high winds if we went further out.
The join bracket for the awning is just Jubilee Clipped on but I'll weld it up with spacers.
Yes it looks rougher than a bears back end but it allowed sitting out and a barbecue to take place. What do you want from your camping? If the front of the awning is rolled up we're now looking at a +13' X 15' foot communal entertainment area.
Slight mods to aid smoke escape were made and as lots of pole left over further mods may be made.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

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If we get things suitably robust something more elegant than a cheap woven tarp may be used but then again not.
The chappy screwing up the Jubille Clips is John. It's because of John's dog that all the tents and wind breaks are arranged as a corral. Johns dog is an English Mastiff St Bernard cross that did really well in last years dog show. 1st for obedience a 2nd and 3rd in other classes and either 2nd or 3rd in best of show. Must get John to forward a picture so I can add it on to this. Mainly as John's dog is better to look at than the rest of us from this weekend.

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Re: Sun Canopy. Function Over Form.

Post by Helen on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 7:44 am

That's brilliant Kevin, I was wondering how I could sort out my sun canopy to go on the front of my awning without altering things too much ....... I'm going to give it a go now that I've seen this. I miss my canopy for sitting outside in the evenings or bbq-ing when we have the awning on.

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Re: Sun Canopy. Function Over Form.

Post by joules29 on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 5:33 pm

Thanks.. I was thinking its probably just as easy to use a sheet of tarp and maybe some poles and string.

I think the dandy canopies will be quite heavy aswell..

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Re: Sun Canopy. Function Over Form.

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