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Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300



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Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

Post by ncreasser on Mon 18 Mar 2013, 4:42 pm

Hi all,
My lovely Dandy Destiny is now for sale. It has been well loved, but the time has come for it to go!

Fantasic destiny, good condition for age, fully winterised.
Comes with the underfloor gas heater (fully working and keeps the van very toasty!!)
Fridge/Freezer compartment - 12v/24v and gas
Wardrobe with removable shelves
4 gas rings/Grille
Nearly new microwave built into cupboard
Island table (the table top is a bit tatty round egdes, and needs sizing to make up base for 3rd double bed)
The floor has been strengthened to acommodate the island table base
New Laminate floor throughout
New window curtains
Radio/CD player
Full large awning (very expensive - purpose made 3 years ago) and side skirt. Also toilet pod (1 year old porta potty also available to purchase if required)
New transit/storage cover had made last year (old one also in sale adds extra protection in storage!)
Kept in dry storage at the moment.

Bad points
Front corner steady broken (this broke last year, but the van was still very sturdy over our 2 week summer hols by using jockey wheel and other corner steady!!)
Back light lens has been damaged but still functional however could do with replacing!
Middle catch on gas bottle cover broken
Age related wear on paintwork, but polishes up nicely!!

Can't work out how to post photos, so please contact me for further info! Thanks

Tow Itch
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Re: Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

Post by Tow Itch on Mon 18 Mar 2013, 7:08 pm

Hello ncreasser

Is it this one? [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

If this was mine I'd try to big the sale up by taking photos and describing the awning. The original Dandy PVC awnings are all but bullet proof but are not the lightest to put up. So if you have something flash in the way of an Acrylic awning with a side skirt that zips on etc then that is what to big up.BTW is this side skirt an extension on the awning or an underbed storage side skirt? The PVC awnings are not too deep either at somewhere between 6' and 2m if this awning is deep let us know.

Not asking the nice questions. If instead of being all polite I ask the nasty questions in the back of my mind then you only have to answer them once so I'm actually saving you grief and I'm being nice after all.
The floor has been strengthened to acommodate the island table base
New Laminate floor throughout
I thought by this time they already had island tables. New floor throughout. I'd be getting a bit twitchy that you had somehow got a wet floor and stuck laminate on top to hide a spongy floor. So presuming someone turns up with a moisture meter the original floor is good isn't it? Not sure how I expect you to answer even if it was like a sponge I'd be quite shocked at a reply of "OK it's a fair cop you got us there" So more a hint to buyers if looking at something with a superimposed floor you can't trust your feet to find a soft floor so take a moisture meter.
Don't know how long you have owned this but a few years ago there was a Highside Destiny with an after-market awning being offered but there had been various problems with this but it was identifiable though it having a patch on the aluminium on the off side. Yours doesn't have a patch on the off side does it? Even if it did that is not to say it's the same Destiny and we can check through a few other things.

To continue being blunt but £2,500 or £2,300 is getting close to a top level for a Highside Destiny. The later Riva Destinys tend to go up for £4,000 to £5,000 but they are different and that is not to say that is what they sell for. Two of the very rare Dandy type Highsides (like yours) with toilets were sold last year and I'm not sure if either made £2,000. Now I think that is criminal as they are great things and your Twenty year old Destiny will have more life left than in a Two year old Pennine. That doesn't mean I'll find you £500 extra on a sale though.

Photos. You can't post photos for 7 days (anti spam) but I will PM you an email address to send photos to. Send the photos as separate attachments not as a zipped file if your email system does this automatically I'd prefer a dozen separate emails each with one photo rather than a zipped file of 12 photos. I find zipped files of photos a right pain but that might be due to my own ineptitude.

So lots of photos esp the awning (inc a couple of the middle of the offside)and the best spiel you can craft and we will gladly host the ad.


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Re: Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

Post by ncreasser on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 8:21 am

Many thanks for you input - gratefully received!
I'm struggling with photos at the moment - I don't seem to have any of the camper set up with the awning, so am waiting for a chance to be able to erect it and the awning to be able to take the photos, I need a dry day!!
This did not have an island table, hence we put one in, and the reason the floor was laminated was due to kids and a dog!!!! The floor is dry, and a moisture meter test would not be a problem!
There is no patch on the aluminium.
I will be back in touch when I have managed the photos.
Many thanks

Tow Itch
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Re: Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

Post by Tow Itch on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 1:00 pm

Ah the curse of waiting for a dry day.
Great to get the difficult stuff out of the way. You should now have an email address for the photos but if you spend any time waiting for a dry day you should be able to post directly. I was just looking for a post Mike did on how to host photos but can't find it. We should have it located by the time you need to post.

The last post of mine was what I thought. No doubt a few will disagree with me, what would you want to know?
What you want to know is especially important if you are looking at a Destiny at the moment, no point waiting for ncreasser to post his photos then ask "Have You Got A Photo Of X As Well"
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Re: Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

Post by mike on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 1:10 pm

Thought i would post this as a step by step guide

this is the way i do it.

Across the top of the reply box you will see a row of icons
run your curser across until it displays host an image
click that and a box should open saying upload image
click browse
find the picture on your computer
double click the picture
it should then show the url next to browse
click host it
you will then have 3 boxes
thumbnail ignore this
image this is the one you want
image url ignore this one
click the image one it should turn blue
then right click it and select copy
then paste this in your post
at the bottom of the box is upload click this
when the box changes back to the first box you can click the host an image icon again and it will close the box,or you can go through the process again to upload more images
if you want to click preview it will show your post with images
then click send.

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Re: Dandy Destiny For Sale. 1993 High Side £2,300

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