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LED Spotlight bulbs



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LED Spotlight bulbs

Post by stevie9398 on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 8:54 pm

The overhead shelf in our Dandy has two halogen spotlights fitted to it.  I noticed the bulb holders get really hot so decided to source  alternative bulbs.

I found a supplier on ebay LED Supreme ebay store

The bulbs I bought were: MR11 27 SMD LED 12V AC/DC 120LM 2W Warm White Bulb with Cover (=25W)
£16.49 for a pair

Here's a picture showing one of the new bulbs fitted into the spotlight:
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The first image shows the light pattern from the old halogen bulb, the second from the new LED bulb
Light output appears to be very similar but the LED bulb is more diffuse than the halogen.  These are a special type of LED bulb (called an SMD LED) and are designed to give high light output.  The one's I chose are 2W which they claim is the equal of a 25W halogen.
They give off very little heat and would be a really useful power saver if you have a leisure battery fitted.

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Re: LED Spotlight bulbs

Post by Helen on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 9:01 pm

They sound great, the light they give off looks good too  I know that they sound expensive but if it saves melting/burning something then it's worth it


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Re: LED Spotlight bulbs

Post by navver on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 10:55 pm

We've just started using LED lights for schools now. By changing from old fluorescent fittings we are getting a 75% saving in electricity usage. The light is incredibly crisp and clean and although the rooms looked drab and dreary before, they look as if they've just been decorated after even though they haven't.

There is another possible benefit whereby, manipulating the body's circadian rhythyms by changing the colour of the light can change a persons level of alertness or sleepiness. Orangy yellow light makes you feel sleepy, and blue light makes you feel alert. Potentially we could wake the kids up or make them go to sleep at will. This could be useful for night workers.

Why have I mentioned this? LED lighting has the ablity to change colour very easily.

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Re: LED Spotlight bulbs

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