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Dandy wanted


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Dandy wanted Empty Dandy wanted

Post by kadders on Wed 10 Sep 2014, 8:13 pm

I am looking for a winterised light blue destiny in good/ very good condition, with a genuine dandy awning.
Please let me know if you are looking to sell or know of someone else that is selling.
Would also consider newer dimension.
Thanks in advance.

Update: 29/10/14
We have now bought a 2007 Dimension from Ian at Rival Dandy sales, so now sorted.
Two trips so far. Forgot everything Ian showed me first time so we had a caravanning couple next to us in Oxford wondering whether to wade in and help but they decided against it as they had even less idea.
Second time round this weekend in London was easier, but messed up packing up.
Ah well we'll learn.

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