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2nd trip away in the Dandy.... Finally!



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2nd trip away in the Dandy.... Finally!

Post by Sparkles on Thu 25 Sep 2014, 1:43 pm

Very excited to be going away tomorrow, finally!

We have 1 weekend away earlier on to Beamish in Durham. This time we going further afield and off to Haggerston Castle, a Haven site in Berwick. Some peoples idea of a nightmare but its my little boys 8th birthday tomorrow (no so little!) so we taking him away for 2 nights. Booked for 3 nights as it was the same price so that means no rushing about on Sunday to get off the pitch in time. We can relax and go after lunch!

Can't wait to go. Been looking online for things I may have forgot to pack and writing a list. Fingers crossed nothing important!

Sparkles xx
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Re: 2nd trip away in the Dandy.... Finally!

Post by Phoenix on Thu 25 Sep 2014, 6:54 pm

Hope you enjoy your trip and your son his birthday.

Part of the fun of camping is getting over and around what you have forgotten to pack somehow. lol!

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