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Motormover on a Destiny 6


Jase Y

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Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by Jase Y on Wed 15 Oct 2014, 6:16 am

Hi All,

Has anyone had/fitted motormovers to a Destiny 6? Have a tight uphill drive and was wondering if this was possible or had been done. What people recommended, we had a small caravan and I did have a Mr Shifta which went on the hitch, but it wasn't brilliant. Appreciate the weight will affect how loaded up you can be though.

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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by Phoenix on Wed 15 Oct 2014, 10:22 pm

We haven't fitted one Jase so can't give you an answer.

We are sure someone will soon.

There was a discussion on here we think about using a winch to pull a Dandy up a tight driveway. Could that be an option for you. If so it wouldn't effect your load weight when going away.
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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by mike on Thu 16 Oct 2014, 6:16 am

When you say Destiny 6 it depends on if you mean high or low sided,high sided can have them fitted but its my understanding they will not fit on a low sided.


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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by navver on Thu 16 Oct 2014, 7:42 pm

Peridot has fitted one to his toilet destiny

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Winch thread link

Post by ChrisP on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 11:02 am

The (or at least a) winch thread [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

You can get the chain hoist I bought with a variety of chain lengths. Mine is 5m. Just be prepared to pull the chain loop through many times if you get anything longer!


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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by navver on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 8:02 pm

I guess the high ide and toilet destinies have a caravan style chassis as they have caravan style corner steadies. The 6s had the normal small dandy chassis made from small square/rectangular steel tube. Maybe it would be possible but you would need to have some kind of mounting welded to the chassis.
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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

Post by peridot on Sun 19 Oct 2014, 12:21 am

Jase, I'm not sure from your previous posts whether you've acquired a Dandy or are still considering options.

Certainly if you go for a later model Destiny with toilet you will not move it uphill unaided. It's heavier than many caravans and two people will just about move it on the flat.

I've fitted a mover to mine and it just needed some special angle brackets to be manufactured.

Fitting to an older model could be more of a challenge, but I'm certain the forum members could collectively arrive at a solution Smile

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Re: Motormover on a Destiny 6

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