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Are electric jockey wheels worth it?


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Are electric jockey wheels worth it?

Post by andia25 on Mon 02 Feb 2015, 2:25 pm

Hi all, this is my first post so hope I get it right! We have a lovely old Dandy 6 which lives on our front garden so moving it is a little tricky given the space limitations and turning involved. Does anyone know whether it is worth using an electric jockey wheel to help with getting it out onto the road and back in again(after a fabulous time away of course)?

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Re: Are electric jockey wheels worth it?

Post by navver on Mon 02 Feb 2015, 4:56 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum. I've not had an electric jockey wheel but did have a motor mover on a caravan. I found it brilliant for manoeuvring because I could walk all around the van with the remote in my hand and make sure I wasn't hitting everything.

With the electric jockey wheel, I'm not sure how much you would see at the back or whether the dandy would stay put if you left it to go and see. With a dandy of course being a lot lower, a view of the back is not so important.

The other issue is grip on the road surface. With movers the caravan wheels are well weighted down so grip really well. A single jockey wheel is smaller and has only a small amount of weight. This means it will not grip as well although will probably be fine if it's fairly flat and a good surface. The dandy being relatively light will help here and you can put some weight on the hitch to help although you won't be able to steer at the same time very easily.
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Re: Are electric jockey wheels worth it?

Post by peridot on Thu 05 Feb 2015, 5:40 pm

Hello and welcome Andia.

I looked into electric jockey wheels for my Destiny and decided against them due to the limitations that navver has highlighted.

The main issue was the difficulty getting sufficient traction with a small, lightly laden wheel, and the hassle of having to attach/detach the device.

I went for a full motor mover instead, although I'm not sure how feasible it would be to fit one of these to a '6'.

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Re: Are electric jockey wheels worth it?

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