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Dandy 6 awning - can you get them?


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Dandy 6 awning - can you get them? Empty Dandy 6 awning - can you get them?

Post by peglegchewit on Mon 13 Apr 2015, 8:58 pm


I am going to look at a dandy 6 (destiny)? this weekend with a view to buying it, but i does not have an awning. Can you get hold of them?

I like the layout of the 6, it has the sapce 1 need... but i can;t see any awnings anywhere...

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Dandy 6 awning - can you get them? Empty Re: Dandy 6 awning - can you get them?

Post by navver on Mon 13 Apr 2015, 11:38 pm

They usually come with the dandy. Ian at Riva Leisure is rumoured to have some now and then. Probably one a year comes up on ebay but it must be the right awning e.g. a 6 needs a 6 awning etc. And it needs to be the correct colour if you are fussy. I've only seen brown 6s and light blue/white 6s. The brown ones can be any combination of all brown, mushroom colour, brown and white, brown and mushroom etc. It could be many years before one suitable for you comes up. Some of the 6s go pretty cheap towards the end of the year. You could buy one with an awning and sell the rest of the unit on.

Luckily with a 6 you can fit a porch awning as you have the option of fitting an awning rail to the wooden side or perhaps to a batten hooked over the side or tied inside. These may be easier to erect being lighter. You also have the option of a free standing utility tent which may work for you.

There is a whole forum section on alternative awning options on this site which may give you ideas.

The original PVC dandy awnings are generally regarded as bullet proof, will stand up in all weathers, can be packed up wet like the dandies and I think, look best because they match the main unit. However, they can be a bit heavy to put up although you can get zips added so the sides are removable.

Hope that helps and good luck

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