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All Electric Dandy


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All Electric Dandy Empty All Electric Dandy

Post by greycamper on Mon 20 Apr 2015, 7:09 pm

I wanted to make my Dandy all electric, just use my small portable gas cooker if needed, at anytime

Never feel safe, cooking with gas in a tent or caravan, with my medical condition need electric anyway.

Would it be advisable to remove all the gas, including the heater, or keep it and just ignore it.

What do you all feel about this idea?


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All Electric Dandy Empty Re: All Electric Dandy

Post by navver on Mon 20 Apr 2015, 8:13 pm

I'd prefer to keep the gas as it will lower the price considerably when you come to sell if you manage to find a buyer. If there is no gas bottle there is no gas so should be perfectly safe. Even with a gas bottle it should be safe if the valve on the bottle is turned off.

However if you need the room the gas cooker takes up for an electric one then maybe remove it but make sure you keep it so it can be reinstated.

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