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Dandy Delta 1989


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Dandy Delta 1989

Post by stu.gtx on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 1:29 am

This was originally owned by my wife's family before we took ownership 2 years ago. It has spent the majority of it's life stored in a dry garage when not in use.  Since we have owned it we have used it in the Summer months and kept in at a secure indoor storage facility when not in use and over the Winter.  I bet there aren't many Dandy's that have been as well looked after as this one!  I have the original documentation  including the original bill of sale.  This one is a good original trailer-tent which has not been butchered like some of the other ones I've seen.  This has never had any smokers or pets in it.

For anyone reading that doesn't know why these Dandy's are so popular it's because they are made of a PVC type material as oppose to canvas like all other trailer tents.  This means that the Dandy models do not suffer from going damp and rotten if they get a bit wet.  As this one has been Winterised from the factory it is also surprisingly warm to live in even when the evening temperature drops

The Delta is classed as a 4-berth unit.  We used it for holidays with our 2 children.

As you walk in, the Delta has a fixed double bed to left.  This provides ample space for 2 adults to sleep comfortably.  There is also a bench type seating area with a permanent storage area underneath.  To the right is another double that quickly converts to a seating area to be used during the day.  When being used as a seat, the space behind the upright provides a handy storage area.  The kitchen area provides ample space to cook and prepare meals.  There is a sink with double gas burner on top, with a grill underneath.  There is pull down storage area below the sink.  There are 4 further sliding door storage areas underneath for food, pans, plates etc.  We also have the original table which can be used for meals or preparation of meals.  There is an opening glass window with curtains behind the kitchen area.  There are 2 plastic non-opening windows with blinds next to the sleeping areas.

The 2 tyres on the Delta are in excellent condition and have plenty of tread.  There is also a spare wheel which we have never used. As well as the original hitch-lock that was ordered when the Dandy was purchased I will also include a modern high-security hitch-lock.  The Dandy uses standard 7-pin single electrics.  The door has a lockable Yale type lock.  As this is a braked trailer the brakes are activated when the tow car brakes.

The front locker area is original and can be locked with a padlock.  It comes in very handy and we use it to store the gas bottle, hose and regulator.  There is plenty of room to store other items in here if required.

The dandy weighs 275 Kg with a payload of 225 Kg.  It can be easily towed with pretty much any car unlike a caravan.  To be completely honest it's easy to forget it's there due to being so light .  If anyone is interested in buying it and doesn't have a tow bar yet I will deliver it for fuel costs as long as you are not too far away.  

We decided to adapt a modern stand-alone awning as the original awnings are very heavy and difficult to erect. The awning is a Royal Traveler 3 and is both light-weight, quick and easy to erect - even for one person.  It is well-matched to the Dandy as it has the same roof-line and is retro-looking.  The awning can be stored inside the trailer when it is all packed up.

This has given our family many happy holidays.  The kids absolutely love it and it's an adventure for them every-time we go away in it.  For us, this was the next step up to camping in a tent.  It's so much more comfortable and warmer not sleeping on the floor.  We're only selling as we've now bought a caravan.

I've seen quite a few of these Dandy trailer tents so I know this is a good one.  I would welcome viewing so we can show you how to set everything up. It takes about 15 minutes to set up from unhitching to sitting down inside. If you come and decide it's not for you that's no problem.

Also included in the sale:
Gas bottle (plenty of gas) with hose and regulator.
Foot pack for legs.
Doormat/other mats to protect original carpet.
Electric hook-up with 3 sockets and built-in RCD breaker.
2x security hitch locks
Cups, plates, bowls, cutlery.
Pots and pans.
Tent pegs.
The back for the drive-away awning (we have never used it)
Other various items if you want them....

You could easily pick it up and take it straight away for the weekend.

I'm pretty sure i will have missed something but you are welcome to contact me with any questions.  

I do have some other pictures which I will add when I find them.

Located in Durham

For anyone that does buy it I would appreciate first refusal when you come to sell it.




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Re: Dandy Delta 1989

Post by stu.gtx on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 5:57 pm

Sorry now sold

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