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Danger If Checking Wiring Polarity

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Danger If Checking Wiring Polarity Empty Danger If Checking Wiring Polarity

Post by Tow Itch on Sat 10 Mar 2018, 11:38 am

Not wanting to start off the whole is electricity polarity important argument. I believe it is and several more knowledgable than I have confirmed that. Have I ever checked polarity at a campsite? I can't remember but I'd bet it's pre 2013 when I last used on site electric.
This is always more relevant to those going into Europe or using temporary installations i.e. festivals.
I can remember I have checked using a multimeter at Goodwood circa 2011 when my EHU didn't work. Stress it was my cable not the excellent 10amp supply all rigged up just for the weekend.

Now while I used a multimeter (it was what I had) for most people it's easier to use a plug in circuit tester.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]  [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
The sort of device shown above.

Now Fluke (the default name in electrical testers) have placed a voluntary recall on their plug in testers. The issues are explained here.  

Big Clive is an excellent source of BS free information but I understand if you got lost in his explanation the following is quoted from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Fluke Corporation has issued a voluntary recall on their Fluke SM100, SM200 and SM300 Electrical Socket Testers. If you have one of these products it is advisable to read the attached document to see if your product is affected. Details of what to do and how to contact Fluke for a product replacement are included.

Description of safety issue

The primary function of the SM100, SM200, and SM300 Socket testers is to detect the presence of an open ground in a socket outlet. Socket outlet. Socket outlets are often installed in metal boxes and have exposed metal parts connected to the earth pin of the socket.

If the socket Tester detects a missing earth condition, shown on the tester as a green light on the first of the 3 light bulbs on the tester, the internal circuitry will source a voltage from the phase conductor onto the earth pin of the socket outlet, as well as any metal parts connected to the earth pin of the socket.

Now what Big Clive was also saying was that this type of result isn't just a fluke. Sorry couldn't resist the pun. What he was saying that the problem isn't only with Fluke's plug in wiring tester but it's basically the nature of the product. Also that ironically the least sophisticated testers are the safest. The least sophisticated testers leaking 1mA which you can feel. Some leak 3mA which you'll definitely feel and it will be unpleasant. 10mA is OUCH [and might be on the threshold of loss of muscular control.(My own thoughts)] The 30mA that is leaked upon an earth test on one product is decidedly unpleasant and if suffered the more cautious amongst us might get a heart check up after.  

Would I use one of these. Well I have a cheap one I bought from Aldi/Lidl but with me the problem is always where did I put it so I'd most likely have a multimeter to hand. Yes I would use one as the one I have is a cheap one and only likely to leak 1mA I don't see an issue. Would I use a more sophisticated one? Yes I would I'd just be thoughtful as to how I used it especially if the Dandy had metal case sockets. when you plug the tester in it's always brighter to be stood inside the Dandy (insulation) certainly don't reach in the Dandy to plug the tester into the socket whist stood in a puddle outside.
The more telling question is would I loan one of the more sophisticated testers to someone? Ah well um ah. I think it depends on how well I think they'd comprehend my caution, or perhaps their physical proximity. If their unit was on the same campsite I might well go over and use the tester myself.  

More for navver, peridot or very few electrical tech others than general comment. I saw this post by a guy called Jim Schofield in the comments on Big Clives YT film. Your views please?
Health and Safety Hippo... (An annoying character I invented as a teenager, who speaks in third person and is anal about Health and Safety regulations so as to annoy people) Says that it's probably a good idea to not use a recalled product at work anyway, because if they fail for another reason and it doesn't give a correct test result.... and then someone gets hurt/building gets burnt down.... Then it's a non-supported recalled product... And you could get hung out to dry for having used it... Whereas I'm thinking the other brands selling similar who haven't recalled them, if those failed for any reason, you'd be legally(ish) protected by their ongoing warranties and insurance...?
Dandyman bob

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Danger If Checking Wiring Polarity Empty Re Polarity Tester

Post by Dandyman bob on Mon 12 Mar 2018, 4:40 pm

I always test inside the camper, rather than using a conversion lead to BS socket. As the Dandy consumer unit is RCD double pole protected I should not be affected by a faulty tester.

Its a bit ironic that you might be killed by a safety tester in other circumstances though! Thanks for the info.
Regards Bob.

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