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Dandy Destiny floor vents



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Dandy Destiny floor vents

Post by carlandjoanne on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 2:49 pm

Crying or Very sad we have had our Dandy since June this year, we have now discovered there is a musty smell in one of the floor benches, we were told when we bought the Dandy that the previous owner had made holes in the floor to vent it, but the company who sold us the Dandy had covered them up, however I can see daylight through near the wheel arch which gives off a very high wet reading on my damp detector, also looking underneath there are two sts of holes about 2" in diameter in both benches with mesh over, these are boxed off on the inside, is this normal or should there be no holes in the floor, there are additional holes in the unit next to the fridge again meshed over but with a tin guard underside which is open bothside but end secure to the floor, is this normal, can any one help please.


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Re: Dandy Destiny floor vents

Post by mike on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 3:13 pm

Not sure of the set up with these as far as ventilation is concerned but it sounds a bit like the holes made by the previous owners are letting wet in somehow,any sign of problems with the wood around these holes.

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Re: Dandy Destiny floor vents

Post by Cazz on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 6:57 pm

Hi, welcome. I'm also not familar with your particular Dandy, but you say you can see daylight through one of the wheel archs, could it be possible water has got in there when travelling? Sorry if that sounds really obvious.
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Re: Dandy Destiny floor vents

Post by vickoir on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 8:41 pm

I have seen dandys with vent holes in the bench before but not too sure if this was a standard thing, don't remember them in our old delta
and it maybe worth considering blocking these or covering with a breathable waterproof fabric if possible and as for seeing daylight round your wheel arch I think Cazz makes a valid point I would be checking the floor and round that area for signs of damp and degradation
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Re: Dandy Destiny floor vents

Post by Helen on Sun 02 Oct 2011, 2:55 pm

I've looked at many types of Dandy and have never seen one where you could see daylight near the wheel arches scratch

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Re: Dandy Destiny floor vents

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